Professional Career

1946-48    Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

1948-49    Under Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce

1950    City Magistrate, Lucknow, India

1951-52    Additional District Magistrate, Meerut, India

1953    Officer on. Special Duty, Directorate-General of Shipping, Government of India

1954-57    Deputy Director-General eral of Shipping, Government of India

1958 Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Transport, and Private Secretary to the Minister of Transport and Communications/Minister of Commerce. And Industry, Government of India

1959-60    Senior Deputy Director-General of Shipping, Government of India

1961-64    Managing Director, Shipping Corporation of India Limited, Government of India

1964-66    Joint Secretary to the Prime Minister of India

1966-73    Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Shipping Corporation of India Limited, a Government of India Enterprise.

1967    Director, Central Inland Water Transport Corporation.

1967-73    Director, Central Board, Reserve Bank of India

1974-89    Secretary-General, International Maritime Organization, United Nations, London

Secretary-General Emeritus

1990    International Maritime Organization


1983-91    World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden

Founding Chancellor Emeritus

1991    World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden


1971-73 Indian National Shipowners' Association

1972-89 Institute of Maritime Technologists, India

1973-74 United Nations Plenipotentiary Conference on Code of conduct for Linear Conferences

1980-91 International Maritime Lecturer's Association.


1972 Committee on Invisibles Including Shipping, Insurance and Tourism, Third United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

1988 Sea trade Annual Award for Achievement, United Kingdom

1989 Governing Board, IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta

1991 Indian Register of Shipping

1992 Government of India Committee on Maritime Education and Training

1998 Governing Council, Tolani Maritime Institute, Induri, Pune

2000 National Maritime Day Awards Committee, India

Alternate Chairman and Life Member

1991    Board of Governors, World Maritime University

Vice President

1970-73    Sea Cadet Council, India

1989    Welsh Centre for International Affairs, United Kingdom

1989    Advisory Committee on Pollution of the Sea (ACOPS), United Kingdom


1959-73 National Shipping Board, India

1959-73 Merchant Navy Training Board, India

1966-73  National Welfare Board for Seafarers, India American Bureau of Shipping

1969 1970 Government Body, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

1970-73    National Harbor Board, India

1971        General Committee, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1972-73    Governing Body, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

1978-89    Advisory Board of the Sea Trade Academy

1981-89    Board of International Maritime Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce

1985-89    Board of Directors of the ICC Centre for Maritime Corporation

1989-90 Honorary Advisory Committee, International Congress on "The Port-An Ecological Challenge", Hamburg, Germany.

1989-01    Specially Elected Member, General Committee of Lloyd's Register, United Kingdom

Life Governor
1984    The Maritime Society, United Kingdom


1995    Lal Bahadur Shastri A Life of Truth in Politics, New Delhi, Oxford University Press

2001    Corruption : India's Enemy Within, Macmillan India Limited

2003    World Maritime University -First 20 Years, C.P. Srivastava, Pune, India
           Articles on Shipping in news-papers and journals

Music, Tennis, Reading

Anglo-Belgian, London
Willington Sports, Mumbai
Poona Club, Pune
India International Centre, New Delhi


International Maritime Association 4 Albert Embankment
London SE 17 SR

National Defense Academy Road
Post Box No.2
Tel.: 91-20-25281374
Fax: 91-20-25285268
Tel/Fax : 91-20-25280053

Decorations, Awards and Honors

1972    "Padma Bushan", awarded by the President of India

1978    "Admiral Padilla" Award, Colombia

1978    "Gran Amigo Del Marks" Award, Colombia

1978-89    Honorary Member, The Honorable Company of Master Mariners, United Kingdom

1979    Honorary Fellow, Plymouth Polytechnic, United Kingdom

1980-89    Europort International Committee of Honor

1981    Honorary Member, Institute of Marine Technologists, India

1981    Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, United Kingdom

1982    "Commander du Merite Maritime", by the Government of France

1982    Commander of the Order of Saint Olav, by the King of Norway

1983    "Grande Ufficiale dell' Ordine al Merito", by the Government of Italy

1983    Order of Prince Henry, The Navigator (Commander), by the Government of Portugal

1983    Nautical Medal, First Class, by the Government of Greece

1984    Gold Mercury International Award, Ad Personam

1984 "Orden Cruz Peruana al Merito Naval" grade ",Gran Cruz Distintivo Blanco", by the Government of Peru

1985    Honary Fellow, The Nautical Institute, United kingdom

1985    Honary Member, International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations

1985    "Order del Manuel Amador Guerrero" grade "Gran Cruz", by the President of Panama

1986    "Orden do Merito Naval" grade "Grande Official", by the Government of Brazil

1986    Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit, by the President of Poland

1988    Honorary Member, The Warsash Association, United Kingdom

1988    Honorary Member, International Maritime Pilots' Association

1988    Malmo City Silver Medal of Honour, Sweden

1989 Knight Great Band, Liberian Humande Order of African Redemption, by the President of Liberia

1989    Sea trade Award for Achievement (Sea trade Organization), United Kingdom

1989    BIMCO Appreciation Award (Baltic and International Maritime Council)

1989    Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit, by the President of Germany

1989    Commander's Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Polar Star, by the king of Sweden

1990    Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St.George, by the Queen of the United kingdom 1990    Order of Merit, First Grade, by the President of Egypt

1992    International Maritime Prize, IMO, United Nations

1994    Encomienda de Numero de la Orden de Isabel La Catolica, by the king of Spain

2000 Lifetime Achievement Award Lloyd's Ship Manager Manning and Training, United Kingdom

2003    Malmo City Gold Medal of Honour and Honorary Citizenship of Malmo, Swden

2005    Sixth Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Excellence in Public Administration, Academies and Management, by President of India.

Adopted by the Assembly of the International Maritime Organization,
United Nations, on 19 0ctober 1989
Agenda Item 41



NOTING WITH REGRET that Mr. Chandrika Prasad Srivastava, Secretary- General, has decided to retire from the service of the Organization when his current term of office expires on 31 December 1989.

RECALLING that throughout his tenure, comprising four successive terms and lasting 16 years, Mr. Srivastava has rendered exceptionally meritorious services to the Organization with total commitment to its ideals and objectives,

RECOGNIZING that during Mr. Srivastava's tenure and as a result of his leadership, integrity, dedicated endeavor and initiative:
  1. The membership of the Organization stands greatly enhanced and its universality well established.
  2. Many Conventions and Protocols of the Organization have received wide acceptance and are now in force, promoting the objectives of the Organization for safer shipping and cleaner oceans,
  3. The IMO spirit of goodwill and cooperation has been sustained and enhanced, permeating all activities of the Organization and earning global appreciation and respect for IMO's effectiveness and efficiency.
  4. A comprehensive, pragmatic and coordinated programme of technical cooperation has been conceived and developed and effective steps have been taken ceaselessly for promoting its continuing implementation, thereby enabling the developing countries to become increasingly self-reliant in the maritime sector,

RECOGNIZING FURTHER the visionary and pioneering role of Mr. Srivastava, and his ceaseless efforts, in the establishment of the following institutions:

  1. the World Maritime University at Malmo, Sweden,
  2. the branches of the World Maritime University in Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, India, Mexico, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates,
  3. the IMO International Maritime Academy at Trieste, Italy,
  4. the IMO International Maritime Law Institute at Valletta, Malta,

Which now constitute a world-wide network for the training of senior maritime specialists imbued with advanced knowledge and a spirit of global cooperation

1. EXPRESSES its deep appreciation and immense gratitude to Mr. Chandrika Prasad Srivastava for his wise, prudent and efficient management of the International Maritime Organization, on, for his invaluable and lasting contribution to the development of the Organization, for his laudable services to all Member States and the world maritime community and for his inspiring personal qualities.

2. DESIGNATES Mr. Chandrika Prasad Srivastava as Secretary- General Emeritus of the International Maritime Organization with effect from I January 1990.


The World Maritime University was conceived by Dr. C.P. Srivastava, then Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), United Nations and established by him under the auspices of the IMO in 1983.

Since its establishment, the World Maritime University has brought about a wondrous transformation in the Maritime world. Prior to the conception of WMU, almost the entire developing world was unable to operate or manage maritime administrations, maritime training academies, shipping companies, ports etc. with the requisite degree of expertise and efficiency because of acute shortage of well-trained specialist maritime personnel such as surveyors, examiners, teachers, managers etc. Furthermore, the developing countries were unable, for the same reason, to participate actively and meaningfully in the standard-setting work of the International Maritime Organization which, in the circumstances, had to rely largely on the expertise provided by the developed maritime states. In this situation the developing countries, save exceptions, were not able either to participate in the IMO's work or to implement the standards established by the Organization. Some of them recruited expatriate experts but the cost was prohibitive and in any case this did not provide a long-term solution. Efforts to ensure maritime safety globally and to prevent marine pollution from slops were, therefore, in considerable jeopardy.

In 2005, the global maritime scene is entirely different and far more reassuring. Over 2000 Graduates of the World Maritime University possessing the highest attainable level of maritime expertise, comparable to the best anywhere else in the world, have, save a few excel)(1011S, returned to their respective countries and are functioning, with i acclaimed distinction as top grade specialists in maritime administrations, maritime training academies, shipping companies, port authorities etc. And they have brought to bear on their responsibilities a new, highly commendable spirit of co-operation and helpfulness. Gone are the days of dismay and of dependence on expatriates. All developing countries are now almost entirely self-reliant in regard to their maritime development and their maritime infrastructure.

The visionary role of Dr. Srivastava in the conception and establishment of the World Maritime University and its development as the world's top maritime training institution for the benefit primarily of all developing countries has been acclaimed all over the maritime world. He became the Founding Chancellor of this University and now continues as Founding Chancellor Emeritus.
Chandrika Prasad Srivastava
K.C.M.G., I.A.S. (Retd.)

Nationality    Indian
Date of Birth    8 July, 1920
Son of    B.B. Srivastava
Married    1947, Nirmala Salve
Daughters    Two, Kalpana and Sadhana

Academic Career

Lucknow, India 1st cl. First B.A. 1940, 1st cl. First B.A. Hons. 1941, 1st cl. First M.A. 1942, 1st cl. L.L.B. 1944; Gold Medals for proficiency in English Literature and Political Science. L.L.D. (Doctor of Laws-Honoris Causa), Bhopal University, India, 1984, L.L.D. (Doctor of Laws-Honoris Causa), University of Wales, United Kingdom, 1987, L.L.D. (Doctor of Laws-Honoris Causa), University of Malta, 1988.